Wednesday Dance Jam

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Contact Dance Performance Nights

Artist In Residence

Upcoming Performance Date is: Jan 17, 2018

A community performance night that welcomes contact dancers of all skill levels.

Contact dance performance is defined as a solo, duet, trio, quartet or group work that is primarily based upon:
- following momentum (one's own and the momentum of others)
- rolling point of contact
- balancing over centre of gravity
- sloughing
- lifting or moving using momentum rather than muscle power
- “listening” with one’s skin surface

Works may be improvised, score-based or pre-set.

Attendance: Free
Concession: Pizza $3

Start Time:
8:45 pm

To sign up for a performance slot and/or rehearsal time (Wednesday nights after the Jam) please contact

Available to both emerging, mid-career and senior artists, dance companies or collectives.

During their residency the Artist in Residence receives:

- free entrance to the Wednesday Jam Class and Jam furring the duration of their residency

- rehearsal time on Wednesday nights from 8:40 pm to 10:30 pm

- artistic mentoring by Kathleen Rea, if they wish

- a work-in-progress or finished dance work showcase as part of the Contact Dance Community Performance Night

Two Artist In Residence will be chosen per year. If you or your group or dance company interested in being an Artist in Residence, please contact Kathleen Rea at